8 Best Proxifier Alternatives & Competitors in 2023 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for the best alternative to Proxifier? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Proxifier allows network applications that do not support working through proxy servers to operate through a socks or HTTPS proxy and chains.

Proxifier is not always the best solution for everyone. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best Proxifier alternatives and competitors.

Top 8 free and paid alternatives to Proxifier

  1. FreeCap
  2. SocksCap
  3. Proximac
  4. redsocks
  5. ProxyCap
  6. WinDivert
  7. Proxy Switchy Auto
  8. Proxy SwitchyOmega

So, let’s read on further to get a complete idea of our top picks for the best Proxifier alternative.

1. FreeCap – Overall Best Proxifier Alternative

Putting proxy in browsers using freecap and testing. 1. Launch freecap app. Then click on file>new application, then browse to your program files folder.

2. SocksCap – Top Proxifier Competitor

Sockscap64 official homepage software description sockscap64 support the 32-bit and 64-bit system of windows xp/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10 perfectly. Sockscap64, developed by taro. – sockscap64. Sockscap64 official homepage – sockscap64.

3. Proximac – Best Alternative to Proxifier

An open-source alternative to proxifier. Contribute to csujedihy/Proximac development by creating an account on github. Github – csujedihy/Proximac: An open-source alternative to proxifier.

4. redsocks – Best Free Proxifier Alternative

redsocks – transparent TCP-to-proxy redirector. This tool allows you to redirect any TCP connection to SOCKS or HTTPS proxy using your firewall.

5. ProxyCap – Top Site Like Proxifier

Proxycap enables you to redirect your computer’s network connections through proxy servers. Proxycap has native support for the SSH protocol, allowing you to specify a SSH server as the proxy server. Proxycap – proxifier and SSH tunneler for windows/Macos.

6. WinDivert – Best Proxifier Alternative

WinDivert allows user-mode applications to capture/modify/drop network packets sent to/from the Windows network stack.

7. Proxy Switchy Auto – Top Website Similar to Proxifier

This extension allows users to easily manage proxies plus the extension popup allows user to choose/Assign proxy for each domain request.

8. Proxy SwitchyOmega – Top Rated Proxifier Alternative

Switchyomega is a browser extension developed for switching between proxies in a browser environment.

Wrapping It Up: What Is The Best Proxifier Alternative?

In review, here are our top 8 picks for the best Proxifier alternative.

NameUse CaseVisit Website
1. FreeCapOverall Best Proxifier AlternativeTry Now
2. SocksCapTop Proxifier CompetitorTry Now
3. ProximacBest Alternative to ProxifierTry Now
4. RedsocksBest Free Proxifier AlternativeTry Now
5. ProxyCapTop Site Like ProxifierTry Now
6. WinDivertBest Proxifier AlternativeTry Now
7. Proxy Switchy AutoTop Website Similar to ProxifierTry Now
8. Proxy SwitchyOmegaTop Rated Proxifier AlternativeTry Now
List of Top 8 Proxifier Alternatives

As you can see, there are many Proxifier alternatives out there that are worth considering.

We hope that this article helps you find a suitable alternative to Proxifier based on your specific needs. Feel free to share the article with your friends and help spread the knowledge.

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